Spring Clean 2018 – Get involved!


Be part of Llangollen’s Spring Clean, come along on Sunday 4th March!

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Local councillor acts on air pollution

After monitoring last year, we found that air pollution levels in Llangollen could be of concern. We called on Denbighshire County Council to improve pollution monitoring in Llangollen.


A summary of the results from last year


In other parts of Denbighshire air pollution monitoring is carried out on an annual basis, but the last time that Llangollen was monitored by DCC was in 2002.

Our local councillor Graham Timms agreed with us that monitoring should be more frequent, and organised a series of tests for Llangollen. Testing has now started and we await the results, which should be made public in early Spring 2018.

Cllr Graham Timms speaking with concerned local residents

Cllr Graham Timms speaking with concerned local residents at a known pollution blackspot


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Food labelling – Could Wales lead the way?

In 2008 The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee published a report on environmental labelling. Since then, little has been done.

While food labelling for nutrition has made great progress in the UK, environmental labelling has fallen by the wayside. If consumers are to make informed choices, they need information.


Mockup environmental label

Producers already provide nutritional information, to print one more label should be no problem. Arguments about space and information overload are covered in the 2008 report.

One important decision would be which environmental impacts should be highlighted. The mockup above shows a variety of measures that could be included. Here are some ideas of impact measures that could be used;

Carbon Dioxide – Use the Carbon Trust method to include; Ingredients, manufacturing, distribution, storage, consumer use, disposal.
Water – If not covered by the carbon figure. The carbon figure may include the energy embodied in the water by treatment and transport. However water use is also important where water is not plentiful and is diverted away from natural watercourses causing ecosystem damage.
Land – This covers efficiency of land use, potential loss of biodiversity and pesticide use.
Packaging – Could be a simple packing weight, or a weighted score including weight vs weight of product, energy, material use, re-use/recycling potential.
Number of Earths (Sustainability) – Given rate we consume this product, how many Earths are required for such use to be sustainable.
A more simple scale of A to E grade already in use for outdoor equipment at a large retailer.

A simple A to E scale, giving products one easy to spot rating. This kind of system is already in use for outdoor equipment at a large retailer in the UK.

Producers would need to be provided with simple tools and guidelines to help calculate the impacts of their product.

Smaller, local producers may find favour in this system. Due to reduced food miles, their Carbon measure should be comparatively lower than international producers.

Lots of research exists on this topic. It needs a brave decision from policy makes to implement the research. Is this something we in Wales can lead the way on?

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Llangollen Buzz at Plas Newydd – 27th May 2017


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Llangollen Air Pollution

Pollution levels in parts of Llangollen are comparable to those found in major cities. In one location pollution is close to the legal limit, potentially putting at risk the health of residents.

Located in the picturesque Dee Valley, it is easy to assume that air pollution is something that doesn’t affect Llangollen. If you live alongside a main road in Llangollen, you may have guessed that things aren’t quite so rosey.

In January this year Llangollen Friends of the Earth deployed five Nitrogen Dioxide measuring kits. The kits measured this well known pollutant for three weeks. The results were surprising;

The European Union has set a legal average annual limit for NO2 at 40µg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre). But even at low levels, short term and long term exposure to NO2 can have significant negative health effects.

One of the measurement sites is very close to the 40µg/m3 limit.


The levels displayed in Llangollen, especially those on the A539 Mill Street and by the A5 / Castle Street traffic lights are comparable to those found in certain locations in major cities. For example; Chester, the outskirts of Liverpool, Walsall and the dockland area of Cardiff.

Although generally lower, the increased average level at the school gate compared to the community garden is likely to be due to droppping off and picking up traffic at the school.

Group member Warren Davies stated, “These readings were taken during January and February when the traffic is pretty quiet. If the rest of the year was taken into account, the average values could be much higher.”

He went on to say “There is a lot of talk about reducing emissions in London and in cities, but localised air pollution in our towns can be just as unhealthy.”

Nationally outdoor air pollution is responsible for 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK, according to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

NO2 is associated with vehicle traffic. Nationally Friends of the Earth is calling for restrictions of the dirtiest vehicles. Locally, Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth are calling on our local decision makers to consider our findings, and invest in schemes locally to reduce emissions by encouraging walking and cycling, and discouraging traffic-generating developments.

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Free film showing, The Bliss of Ignorance


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2016 Welsh Assembly Election Videos

We invited all of the prospective Clwyd South candidates to take part in a 60 second video interview. We asked them…

  1. Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.
  2. Why are you standing? Tell us what are your priorities.
  3. What are we going to do about climate change?

You can see all of the videos here on our YouTube channel

We invited; Simon Baynes (Welsh Conservatives), Mabon Ap Gwynfor (Plaid Cymru), Mandy Jones (UKIP), Duncan Rees (Wales Green Party), Aled Roberts (Welsh Liberal Democrats) and Ken Skates (Welsh Labour). The following candidates did not respond; Mandy Jones (UKIP).

You can see all of the videos here on our YouTube channel

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Divestment and Election videos

This Winter/Spring Llangollen Friends of the Earth are working on two main campaigns. The first is a divestment campaign, calling on the Clwyd Pension fund managers to divest from fossil fuels.

The second, in the lead up to the 2016 Assembly elections, we plan to make and distribute videos of all candidates providing us with a breif biography and setting out their priorities.

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People’s march London – Nov 29th North Wales Coach


2015 is a crucial year for the climate. In December, governments will come together in Paris to strike a new deal for the climate – we must make our voices heard. Let’s show international solidarity in the fight for climate justice!

Join us on the North Wales Coach…

Where is the coach picking up from?

Pick up points starting at 6.30am Wrexham, Johnstown Vauxhall Industrial estate, Ruabon car park, Llangollen Market street, Oswestry Mile End roundabout, Shrewsbury Dobbies garden centre, Telford near M54. Returning around 9.30pm.

How much does a place cost?

Return cost per person is £25.

How do I book a place on the coach?

Please send a cheque for £25 per person payable to ‘Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth’, to the following address; Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth, C/O Haylaur, Regent Street, Llangollen. LL208HS. Please write your name, phone number and email address on the back of the cheque.

When is the booking deadline?

Your booking must be received by 20th November at the absolute latest. You will receive booking confirmation on 21st November. We must have 49 people by 20th November. If we do not, the coach will be cancelled and no money will be taken.

If you have any questions please contact Warren on 07525 016 503 or warren.davies@llangollenweb.co.uk .

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2015: Speak up for the love of…

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Llangollen residents urge action on climate change

Members of Llangollen Friends of the Earth are taking part in a national campaign on the 17th June, asking MPs to take action on climate change.

They are calling for action to help protect the things we love in our lives; from the important things like our children, to the small things like a cup of tea. Drought, crop failure, and mass migration are all effects of climate change, which will greatly affect our all aspects of our everyday lives.

Llangollen resident Kay Polley said, “Climate change will affect so many of the things we care about, from our families to our food to our wildlife and our futures. We are asking our MP to press the UK government to take action for the climate.”

Locally people are concerned about how climate change will affect people around the world, but also how it will affect us here in Wales. With the climate talks in Paris, 2015 presents us with an opportunity to make progress on climate change. The UK has a big role to play in bringing countries together at the negotiations. Our position at the forefront of the fight against global poverty can help build a better, fairer global deal on climate change.

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