Sustainable Llangollen

An invitation for local groups to work together on environmental and social issues

Launch Event with FREE food!

Friday 17th February, 7.00pm – St Collen’s Community Hall, Regent Street, Llangollen

Llangollen Friends of the Earth are looking to establish a coalition of local groups to work together on environmental and social issues.

This is an invitation for groups in Llangollen to come together informally, to discuss where we could work together to achieve strong positive outcomes.

Friends of the Earth in Llangollen would like to develop the idea of a community shop, although we are open to ideas for alternative projects.


Young’s Farm Shop – Derwen College

For quality local produce, Young’s farm shop at Derwen College near Oswesty is excellent. A large amount of their stock is grown on site. Food miles are displayed on labels next to other produce – the vast majority comes from local suppliers within 20miles.

If you’re passing and looking for quality local produce at reasonable prices, you can’t beat it. For more information click on the following link: