Coop Sustainability Conference – 24th March


Co-operatives Building a Better future in Wales – in 2012: Year of Co-operatives

“Food and the Environment in Transition”: How do we address issues of food,the environment and energy in the era after Peak Oil?

At Glyndwr University between 11am – 2pm. On Saturday 24 March

The event to consist of:

Speakers we have from Fairshare (Jay), Llangollen FoE (Warren Davies), Holywell &     District Transition group (Roberta Owen), and Effion Williams; All of the above have already been contacted and have     agreed to attend – and would hopefully bring some of their members with     them; The speakers would be preceded by a DVD film on the     co-operatives ethical policies, and possibly a film item on tar sands. Each speaker could be followed by questions, and     depending on numbers we could have some short workshops; The event would conclude with a panel discussion,     involving the above, and in which we would also participate

I think that the above, or a close variation, could work as an effectiveevent for a number of people, and which we could complete and finish atlunchtime – ending with lunch – and providing around 3 hrs of contacttime (11am start). It could also be billed as an initiative which would, if we wished, likemid Wales, be followed by something more ambitious at a later date.

The event takes place in the Catrin Finch Centre at the backof Glyndwr. There is a train station (Wrexham General) right next to theUniversity, so it’s a convenient 2-3 minute walk round the corner. I hopethose details assist those visiting from outside Wrexham.