Community Garden: Press Release

Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth are in the process of setting up a community garden in Llangollen. The “Llangollen community garden” sits in a easily accessed location, close to Plas Newydd.

By setting up a garden we aim to provide an opportunity for local people, groups and schools to grow their own food and engage with nature. We also hope that as we work together on this very practical and positive project, we will be strengthening links within our community. Produce from the garden will be shared out amongst those involved, and any surplus donated at the time.

We have spent our first few working sessions establishing access and beginning clearance, as well as making plans for the future. Planting will start next year, but currently the area is very overgrown and so there is still a large amount of clearing to take place.

Working sessions run every Saturday morning from 10.00 – 12.00. Sessions are also organised for evenings during the week. Access to the site is restricted to these working sessions.
We would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting involved with the garden. Perhaps you would like to help clear the site? Or perhaps you would be interested in helping to design or plant the garden?

Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, until the undergrowth clearance is complete, we cannot allow under 18s to help on site. We really want to see people of all ages involved in the garden, so once clearance has been completed, this rule will be relaxed.

If you would like to find out more or attend one of our sessions please get in touch, contact either Warren via email: [Other contact and details included in offline version].

Warren Davies – Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth

Fairtrade Producer Video Link

On 28th May Llangollen linked up live with Honduras to talk to Xiomara Paredes from the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Small Fairtrade Producers (CLAC). CLAC is an alliance of producers from 21 countries, mainly in South America. Through a live videolink hosted by Llangollen Friends of the Earth at St. Collen’s Community Hall, people from Llangollen were able to see and speak to Xiomara, an employee of CLAC.
Xiomara told us about the effect climate change is having on producers growing fairtrade products such as sugar, coffee, tea and wine.  We heard stories from different producers in many countries, who told us how the changing weather such as irregular rainfall is causing up to 50% reduction in crop production.  In Costa Rica the temperatures are warmer than usual in the night and colder than usual in the day, which has meant that oranges are turning yellow instead of orange, so they are rejected for export.  CLAC is working to increase producers’ ability to adapt to climate change, and to represent the growers in the global political arena.
The message from the videolink was clear: a direct ask from people whose livelihoods depend on the environment, for us to cut down on our carbon emissions.