‘Take it Home’ Scheme launched

Restaurants in Llangollen have decided that their food is too good to waste and with the help of Llangollen Friends of the Earth, have launched a take-it-home box scheme.

Over 600,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by UK restaurants every year. That’s the equivalent of 40 000 double decker buses!
Llangollen Friends of the Earth supplied all of the Town’s biggest restaurants with an initial batch of boxes and promotional material, in the hope that they will encourage diners to take home anything they cannot eat.
It is hoped that the promotion of the boxes will remove the embarrassment felt by some diners that prevents them from asking for a doggy bag.

Restaurant owners felt that throwing excellent food away was a scandal, “Our food is excellent, and really we don’t throw that much away, when we do have to throw something away, it really does feel like such a shame”.

Local Friends of the Earth member, Warren Davies, explained, “We’ve encouraged the restaurants to promote our boxes so that their customers feel at ease asking to take food home. Restaurants and their chefs hate to see their excellent food go to waste, and would much prefer it to be taken home”.

Participating restaurants in Llangollen are; Manorhaus, Tyn Y Wern, The Cornmill, Gales wine bar, and The Gallery. Other restaurants are also looking to take part soon.