6 reasons why Wales doesn’t need fracking

1. Terrible for climate change

Shale gas is bad news for our climate. Fracking will create more climate-changing gases – in addition to those already being created by fossil fuels.

2. Detracts from real solutions

Shale gas will keep us hooked on fossil fuels, and distract us from the real solutions of the future – energy efficiency and renewable energy.

3. Risks environmental damage

There are uncertain and unacceptable local environmental risks, includingwater pollution, air pollution and lots of lorry movements.

4. Bad for jobs

The UK Government estimates that at its peak the industry will employ only about 1,000 people in Wales. And even these mainly low paid jobs will last just a few years. Concentrating on renewable energy and energy efficiency will bring many, many more jobs to Wales.

5. Energy prices won’t go down

The UK Government has acknowledged that household energy bills won’t fall as a result of fracking.

6. Unpopular

It’s already deeply unpopular – particularly in the communities where it takes place