Refill Cymru in Llangollen

Llangollen and District Friends of the Earth signed up to the Refill Cymru campaign to promote free tap water in Llangollen. The aim is to reduce the use of single use water bottles in the town and therefore reduce litter and plastic pollution.

Refill Cymru in Llangollen

16 Businesses in Town have signed up to refill water bottles for free;
• White Waters Hotel & Spa
• M’Eating Point
• Llangollen outdoors
• Gails Wine Bar
• Vintage Rose Tea rooms
• Britannia Inn
• Valley Crucis Abbey Caravan Park & Bistro
• Pro Adventure
• Oak St Coffee
• Llangollen Oggie Shop & Fine Foods
• The Corn Mill
• Cellar Door
• Riverbanc
• Zingiber
• Rafa Club
• Station Café at Platform 1

For more information about refill campaign click here.

Plastic Straw Free Update


Here is a list of the businesses in Llangollen that have committed to swap plastic straws for more environmentally friendly straws or are do not provide plastic straws unless specifically requested;

•Oak Street Coffee
•Vintage Rose Tearoom
•Finleys Sandwich Bar
•Bensons Bar & Restaurant
•Buttered Crust
•RAFA Club
•The Bull Inn
•The Corn Mill
•The Wharf Café
•Llangollen Fringe Festival
•Llangollen Oggie Shop & Fine Foods
•The Sun Inn (Trevor)
•Courtyard Coffee Shop
•Riverbanc Cafe
•The Boathouse, Chirk
•The Bridge End Hotel
•Crown Inn Corwen
•New Dot Cinema
•TCC fundraising Event
•White Waters Hotel
•M’eating Point
•Gails Wine Bar
•Ysgol Bryn Collen Summer Fayre
•Valley Crucis Abbey
•Britannia Inn
•Llangollen Oggie Shop
•Cellar Door

Terracycle Crisp Packet recycling Scheme

Llangollen and District Friends of the Earth are trialling the crisp packet recycling scheme offered by Terracycle. We are interested to gauge local uptake of an extended Producer responsibility scheme, and are keen to hear from anyone using this scheme or any of the other free recycling schemes available.

Terracycle recycling scheme

Many schemes offer the public and community groups the opportunity to collect waste that would otherwise be unrecyclable (and is often found littering our streets) and send it off to be recycled into item to be used again. It also has the added benefit that these schemes are funded by the producers.

These schemes can help Wales and our local communities recycle more and hopefully discourage littering. Llangollen and District Friends of the Earth have set up a number of collection points for the Crisp packets in Llangollen and neighbouring towns.

Current drop offs for this scheme are;
Ysgol Bryn Clwyd in Llandyrnog
Miri Methrin Nursery in Pwllglas & Llysfasi
Ysgol Llanbedr
The Rafa Club Llangollen
Welsh Dee Trust in Llangollen
Ysgol Min Y Ddol in Cefn Mawr
Pengwern Community Centre, Llangollen
Hill & Roberts Accountants, Ruthin
The Star Inn, Ruthin

For more information on the extended producer responsibility and why a more Circular economy is important please follow the links below.

Composting Workshops

There are so many benefits of composting! Composting is a vital part of the earth natural life cycle, it turns every day organic matter into fertile rich soil which can be used to grow food and plants.

Home composting has many benefits.

With the decline of insect numbers and wildlife, compost bins provide a rich habitat and ecosystem for these essential creatures to grow. Composting at home reduces the need for food waste and organic matter to be transported to secondary locations and thus reducing Co2 emissions.

Growing your own food using your own compost is a great way to connect back with nature and enables more seasonal eating. If you can grow your own food then it saves on food being shipped around the world for our consumption, it also reduces the need for the packaging that is produced to ensure safe transport.

A lot of compost that is bought in stores contains peat, moving away from peat-based compost will help safeguard these fragile environments. There has been developments lately in the anti plastic movement to switch some packaging to compostable materials, many of these products can not be processed by our Local Authorities and require them to be composted at home.

Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth have been running a series of free workshops to help promote home composting in the local area.
Workshops have been held in Denbigh, Ruthin, Llangollen, Corwen, Prestatyn, Conwy and Bodfari. If you would be interested in attending a workshop in the future, please get in touch.