Gasland 2 film showing


Location: Nick Whitehead Theatre, Glyndwr University

Date: Weds 18th February

Time: 7pm

Details: A FREE screening of the “fracking” film Gasland 2 followed by a discussion on “fracking” and the local issues around Wrexham.
The event is being held in conjunction with Friends of the Earth Llangollen and Environment Glyndwr Network.
Hope you can make it.
Location: Nick Whitehead Lecture Theatre, Glyndwr University (By the main reception)

Prices : Free

Contact :

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6 reasons why Wales doesn’t need fracking

1. Terrible for climate change

Shale gas is bad news for our climate. Fracking will create more climate-changing gases – in addition to those already being created by fossil fuels.

2. Detracts from real solutions

Shale gas will keep us hooked on fossil fuels, and distract us from the real solutions of the future – energy efficiency and renewable energy.

3. Risks environmental damage

There are uncertain and unacceptable local environmental risks, includingwater pollution, air pollution and lots of lorry movements.

4. Bad for jobs

The UK Government estimates that at its peak the industry will employ only about 1,000 people in Wales. And even these mainly low paid jobs will last just a few years. Concentrating on renewable energy and energy efficiency will bring many, many more jobs to Wales.

5. Energy prices won’t go down

The UK Government has acknowledged that household energy bills won’t fall as a result of fracking.

6. Unpopular

It’s already deeply unpopular – particularly in the communities where it takes place

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Will your community be volunteering to host nuclear waste?

The Welsh Minister for Natural Resources, Alun Davies is publishing a call for evidence on the disposal of higher activity radioactive waste, and is seeking views on the current Welsh Government policy and on the various options it might consider in the future.

Alun Davies said, “I want to reassure people that even if we did decide to review our policy for the disposal of radioactive waste this would not necessarily result in radioactive waste being disposed of in Wales or indeed any other part of the UK. Any future disposal facility would depend on a host community voluntarily coming forward.”

What might encourage a community to volunteer? Prosperous communities certainly won’t be coming forward. Leaving only the less well off as potential volunteers.

Click here if you would like to respond to the consultation.

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Windfarms and pylons’ ‘limited’ impact on Welsh tourism

Some interesting new research on the effects of wind turbines…

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New practical projects YOU can get involved with!

Skills sessions at the community garden

This year the garden will focus on running skills workshops. Workshops may include; green woodworking, permaculture, herb growing and uses, and maybe even eco-building techniques.





Energy project

We will look again at energy generation in Llangollen and the Dee Valley. We will consider a variety of technologies, sites and company structures. Have an interest, any advice or experience in this area? Please come along!




Fracking campaigning

We will work with other groups in the area to campaign against Fracking.

Come along and join our campaign against Fracking!

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Erddig Apple Festival 2013

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Llangollen Fringe Festival Bee Tree

We contributed a ‘Bee Tree’ to this year’s Llangollen Fringe Festival art project. Doesn’t it look great! More information about the tree decorating project can be found on the Fringe website.

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Field Trip!

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‘Take it Home’ Scheme launched

doggy box for mags

Restaurants in Llangollen have decided that their food is too good to waste and with the help of Llangollen Friends of the Earth, have launched a take-it-home box scheme.

Over 600,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by UK restaurants every year. That’s the equivalent of 40 000 double decker buses!
Llangollen Friends of the Earth supplied all of the Town’s biggest restaurants with an initial batch of boxes and promotional material, in the hope that they will encourage diners to take home anything they cannot eat.
It is hoped that the promotion of the boxes will remove the embarrassment felt by some diners that prevents them from asking for a doggy bag.

Restaurant owners felt that throwing excellent food away was a scandal, “Our food is excellent, and really we don’t throw that much away, when we do have to throw something away, it really does feel like such a shame”.

Local Friends of the Earth member, Warren Davies, explained, “We’ve encouraged the restaurants to promote our boxes so that their customers feel at ease asking to take food home. Restaurants and their chefs hate to see their excellent food go to waste, and would much prefer it to be taken home”.

Participating restaurants in Llangollen are; Manorhaus, Tyn Y Wern, The Cornmill, Gales wine bar, and The Gallery. Other restaurants are also looking to take part soon.

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Llangollen Bee World!


Friends of the Earth will create 60 new Bee Worlds as part of its Bee Cause campaign. These areas will provide rich sources of nectar for pollinating insects and all will be in areas with public access. Many of the projects are concentrating on turning neglected land or plain grass park areas into wildflower meadows.
In Llangollen our own Bee World will be an integral part of our new Community Garden. We hope that the public will be able to see the kinds of things they can do in their own gardens to really encourage bees and other pollinators and we plan to create a rich habitat combining many elements including wild flowers, fruit trees, cottage garden annuals/ perennials and even vegetables to provide lots of nectar. Below is an outline of some of the important plants for our Bee World.

For more detailed information about the Llangollen Bee World, click here.

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