Current activities

We organise a variety of local activities and work on a number of national campaigns.

Current campaigns…

Bee Friendly Llangollen – Making Llangollen more pollinator friendly.

Air Pollution monitoring – Carrying out our own monitoring and encouraging Denbighshire County Council to monitor air quality in Llangollen.

Plastic Free Llangollen – Looking at ways businesses and individuals can reduce their plastic use.

Previous work…

Skills sessions at Llangollen Community Garden – We organised various skills sessions at the community garden. During 2014/2015 these sessions included green woodworking, low impact building, foraging, herbalism, and fruit tree skills.

Community Energy – We examined Llangollen’s options regarding a community energy project.

Campaigning against Fracking – We worked with other local groups to campaign against extreme energy in the UK.

BeeCause – A national campaign to promote all pollinating insects including bees, click here to find out more.

Supermarket proposal – A local campaign following the proposal to develop a supermarket on the current Dobson & Crowther site in Llangollen.

Stop Climate Chaos  – We organised a South African themed party including free food and entertainment in time for the Durban climate change talks. We combined this with meeting with our local representatives.

Energy Bill 2011 – A national campaign as part of Friends of the Earth’s commitment to the Stop climate chaos coalition.

Get Serious – A national campaign encouraging county councils to commit to reducing their carbon footprint by 40% by 2020.

Town Bag – Distributing a custom Jute bag to all llangollen residents in order to cut down plastic bag usage.

A5 traffic – A local campaign looking at ways to reduce the impact that high speed traffic and congestion is having in Llangollen.