Economic and social costs of Road Projects in Wales

Click to download a new report produced by Mon a Gwynedd FOE: Economic and social costs of Road Projects in Wales

This report comes with a message from Helen Lewis of Mon A Gwynedd FOE,

“The Government is currently committed to developing the trunk road system through Wales in ways designed to increase road traffic and therefore carbon emissions at a time of climate change and cuts in public services. We’re asking the Welsh Government to:

· Delay the hugely expensive Bontnewydd/Caernarfon bypass, until sustainable alternatives have been properly trialled

· Redirect the transport budget towards sustainable transport, ensuring a co-ordinated and flexible public transport system to end rural isolation and poverty.

· Use public funds wisely to invest in our young people and target the scandals of social exclusion, poverty and poor health.

Our report has been sent to all AMs. If you agree with us , please circulate this to friends and societies, and above all, contact your AM and say so. You’ll find his/her email address on Don’t let your AM get away with claiming that this isn’t their business because the Bontnewydd bypass isn’t in their constituency: this is about the wider issues of the relationship between the roads programme and carbon reduction, social justice and the responsible use of public money.

The Welsh Government’s policy document One Wales, One Planet, states: “Sustainable development as the process by which we must become a sustainable nation…is as much about social justice as it is about securing economic resilience and living within environmental limits.” That’s the principle that underlies the report- but our AMs do need encouragement to help create a socially just, environmentally responsible nation!”

Click to download the report; Economic and social costs of Road Projects in Wales

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