Llangollen Bee World!

Friends of the Earth will create 60 new Bee Worlds as part of its Bee Cause campaign. These areas will provide rich sources of nectar for pollinating insects and all will be in areas with public access. Many of the projects are concentrating on turning neglected land or plain grass park areas into wildflower meadows.
In Llangollen our own Bee World will be an integral part of our new Community Garden. We hope that the public will be able to see the kinds of things they can do in their own gardens to really encourage bees and other pollinators and we plan to create a rich habitat combining many elements including wild flowers, fruit trees, cottage garden annuals/ perennials and even vegetables to provide lots of nectar. Below is an outline of some of the important plants for our Bee World.

For more detailed information about the Llangollen Bee World, click here.