About the group

Llangollen Friends of the Earth are a small, friendly group based in and around Llangollen, North Wales.

New members are always welcome at any of our meetings or events. We meet on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm. The meeting location varies, but tends to be somewhere in Llangollen town centre. Please get in touch, or visit our facebook page, to find out where we are meeting this month.

For more information you can contact the group coordinator, Warren, on 07525 016 503 or via our contact form by clicking here.

Our Aims

• To protect and promote the environment and wildlife.

• To promote community cohesion and strengthen community resilience.

• To bring together interested individuals and locals groups to work on environmental and social issues.

Our vision for Llangollen & surrounding area

Llangollen 2030…

Economy Small cooperative businesses serving local needs flourish. New local industry has emerged around food production and energy generation.

Services Public services are provided locally, subsidised by local industry and aided by volunteers.

Travel Local services have reduced the need for travel. Local travel is largely by bicycle, foot, or public transport. Cars are used mainly for leisure purposes.

Food Local, seasonal produce dominates. Water use is minimised and water courses are not polluted.

Society Society is more self-sufficient with a strong sense of community cooperation and sharing. Residents lead outdoor, active lives.