Supermarkets are so 20th century

“Supermarket are so 20th century” is an excellent article written by local freelance writer, Phil Thane. His article was published in the March edition of the Llangollen News. You can read the complete article here.

Phil makes the point that a supermarket in Llangollen is not an inevitabilty,

“One reason some people believe this development is inevitable is a belief that it’s ‘council policy’. Others tell you there’s a report that says ‘Llangollen needs a supermarket’, so the council have to permit one. Neither is true.”

Phil points out that supermarkets do not increase the net job count. This is something that has been reported in the press recently.

“If 150 are ever employed in a supermarket in Llangollen it will be because 150 fewer people are employed in other shops.”

On ambience,

Tourism is the major industry of North Wales, and a major source of employment in Llangollen. There is more to being a tourism than scenery and catering. Ambience counts for a lot, and Llangollen’s is good. No-one wants to wander along a high street that looks exactly like the one they left behind. Ours is different. Where else in the UK do you see tourists lining up to take pictures outside a greengrocer’s shop? Telling their children, “We used to have shops like this when I was your age.”? They spend their money in the cafés and giftshops but a vibrant town centre is part of the experience.

The complete article is available on Phil’s website, click here.