Free Thermal Imaging in Llangollen this winter

Our Heat Seeker team want to help you SEE where you are losing heat from your house!

Llangollen & District Friends of the Earth are offering free thermal imaging surveys in Llangollen between November and February!

Our volunteer team will take thermal images of the outside of your house on evenings when the weather conditions are dry and cold and either email you the images or invite you to a feedback session.

Click here to sign up now!

Typical heat loss percentages for an un-insulated detached house.

The pictures below show a solid wall/single brick house before and after using radiator foil. See the red patches below the upstairs windows showing heat escaping and how this has improved in the second image after radiator foil has been installed.

Before and after radiator foil – much less heat escaping underneath the windows.

Well insulated homes save residents money on their heating bills, and provide a healthier living environment, which can sometimes mean avoiding poor health conditions linked to cold and draughty homes.

This volunteer project has been supported by the AONB’s Sustainable Development Fund. This means that the survey and all feedback can be provided free of charge. Click here to sign up now!